Thursday, April 16, 2009

Victory and Action Needed!

April 16: Thanks to the many concerned Missourians who have called their legislators and the 500 people who showed up to the Rally for a Compassionate Missouri Budget, the Senate passed a dramatically improved version of the budget, with significant funding for health and social services. This is a real victory!

Now we must take action to make sure the Senate's improvements are included in the final version of the budget. Please thank the Senate leaders who worked hard to improve the budget and to urge them to stand firm on their version of the budget when they meet with members of the House of Representatives to reconcile the two versions.

Click here to read more about the Senate's version of the budget and to take action.

After you take action, please be sure to invite your friends to take action! This is not the final step in this process and we need everyone involved.

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