Thursday, April 2, 2009

Action Alert: Contact the Senate Appropriations Committee!

Last week, the Missouri House of Representatives passed a 2010 Missouri budget that contains major cuts to critical social services. These cuts would be immoral at any time, but they are especially cruel during an economic downturn when more people need help and fewer people can give charitable donations.

Now the Senate is working on their version of the state budget. We have a chance to get these cuts restored in the Senate by calling our State Senators and telling them "Don't cut social services!"

Please call members of the Senate Appropriations Committee (names and numbers below) as soon as possible. If you don't know what to say, try this:
"My name is ____ and my address is ________. I oppose any cuts to social service programs. We should use Missouri’s share of federal dollars to protect services for vulnerable people, provide a safety net for struggling families and give more families access to affordable health care. Spending the federal money on services and health care creates and protects jobs."

The following Senators need to be called - if you can't call all of them, please call some of them!

Gary Nodler, 32nd, Chairman

Rob Mayer, 25th, Vice-Chairman

Tom Dempsey, 23rd

David Pearce, 31st

Chuck Purgason, 33rd

Scott Rupp, 2nd

Kurt Schaefer, 19th

Frank Barnitz, 16th

Joan Bray, 24th

Tim Green, 13th

Yvonne Wilson, 9th

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