Monday, March 30, 2009

House Floor Debate Highlights - and Lowlights

Last week, the Missouri House of Representatives debated the budget on the House floor. Here is a "highlight" and a definite "lowlight" of the debate:

First the lowlight, sure to get your blood boiling:
Missouri Rep. Rob Schaaf calls SCHIP (children's health insurance) "slavery":

And a definite highlight: Rep. James Morris speaks about the importance of caring for those in need during difficult times:

Please add your voice to that of Rep. (and Rev.) Morris and join us at this Sunday's rally!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Facebook event

Hi all,

For all the Facebook users out there, we've created a Facebook event called "Rally for a Compassionate Missouri Budget." Please look it up, let us know if you plan to attend, and invite your Facebook friends to join us. We want to get a big crowd on the 5th to show our legislators that we do care about our fellow Missourians!

You can go directly to the Facebook event at


Friday, March 27, 2009

Stop the Bleeding - Start the Healing!

Rally for a Compassionate Missouri Budget
Sunday, April 5, 2:00 pm
Old St. Louis Courthouse
11 N. 4th Street

The Missouri House of Representatives has voted to cut critical services that help children, the elderly, and the disabled in our state. The Missouri Senate will vote on its version of the budget soon.

It is time for people of faith to speak out and say clearly that it is immoral to cut services for those in need – particularly during difficult times.

Join us on the steps of the Old St. Louis Courthouse if you:

  • know someone hurt by the current economic crisis
  • care what happens to the vulnerable
  • believe it is our responsibility to care for each other in trying times

Bring your cell phone!

Please RSVP to:
Stacey Sickler,, 314-570-5505
Jennifer Bersdale,, 314-361-1564 ext. 116